Yeah, me again. You got me started and dang, if I cannot stop now.

This was awhile ago. I was once married to this jerk-off guy. He came home one day from some sort of biz meeting feeling very sorry for this team of three men he met with. Owners of a restaurant in a small college town.

They were being sued left and right for trying to get into the pants of various waitresses at their establishment.

My ex (ya wonder why we are no longer together? Well wait till you hear some of the other stories…) my not-ex at the time( sigh) sez: Those guys have it so tough. They are men. What are they supposed to do when they see hot looking women? It is just their biology. They cannot control Mother Nature.

I kid you not on this one. Nope, #MeToo was not on the radar anywhere in the universe at that point.

Don’t get me started on intelligent women making dumb choices in love. Then again the patriarchy doesn’t expect men to apologize or my-bad themselves when they pick the wrong woman.

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