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Why this Broken-Hearted Woman Feels Abandoned and Needs Some New Friend Advice

Her problem is complex.

Suzanne V. Tanner
5 min readJul 1, 2021

Written by: Suzanne V. Tanner, Paroma Sen, Amy Marley

Photo by Denisse Leon on Unsplash

Dear From Lemon,

Whoops. The doorbell again. Hoping it is my new bag from Milan. The delivery from Paris came earlier, and I like it, but the brown shade is a bit deeper than I expected.

Crap. I was distracted for a mo. From Lemon dudes, dudettes (take your pick), I really need some help.

Sam, my husband, and I were terrific those first seven years or so until our girls were both finally in Grade school. Then we started to lose touch. Slowly at first but then, faster, faster. The girls are now at college, and I sit, sad and lonely, inside my gorgeous 4000 sq. ft. house.

There is no question; as the girls grew, we had a lot going on. First, the bills from their private schools and now from two different East Coast Ivy Leagues. Clothing, lessons, sports, summer camps, technology, trips, parties, proms, duo gap years in Paris. Man, oh man, those babes were expensive. Still are.

Oh, she also said, “Make certain your man’s biggest bulge below his waist is his wallet.”

Four vehicles filled our oversized garage as soon as Jennie and Sharon passed their driver tests. We moved up in houses and neighborhoods four times before the girls turned 18. So that you know, Sam and I had only one year of marriage under our belts before Jennie was born.

So totally, I get that Sam at work and me running the house and family gave us practically no couple time. Although the girls basically grew up without a Dad.

Sam was shackled to his high-powered job before the girls got out of diapers. No complaints from me. That is what dads are supposed to do for their families. My own Papa did the same. And why get married to anyone if bringing up kids is not the sole focus. That’s what my Mother always told me.

Oh, she also said, “Make certain your man’s biggest bulge below his waist is his wallet.”



Suzanne V. Tanner

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