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When They Threw Him a Lemon, He Made SO Much More Than Lemonade

Isn’t it amazing what one can do in response to a life crisis.

Suzanne V. Tanner
3 min readJun 17, 2022

Written by Suzanne V. Tanner and Amy Marley

Photo by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash

In our troubled world, there are many ways to dig in and do our part.

The list of issues needing our support and involvement appears endless. Here’s a partial list, but let me tell you upfront (although you already know), there are so many that this inventory will not and cannot include them all.

Mass shootings, gun control, the war in Ukraine, coronavirus, misinformation, conspiracy theory, Roe v.Wade, health care, new pathogens with abilities to run amok, poverty, hunger, homelessness, baby formula shortage, racism, misogyny, LGBTQ2+ human rights, climate issues, scarce resources, living wages, worker respect and compensation, the selfishness of the 1%, immigration, political corruption, greed, gaslighting, ageism, a disrespect for education and critical thinking.

See, you already spotted some that I missed.

My apologies for all omissions, but this post intends to point out the volume of what is facing us.

As individuals, we cannot address these issues all at once. We pick and choose and do our utmost to make a difference. We act as we can: small/medium/large efforts, as time and resources permit.

Today, Amy Marley and I take our hats off with great respect to our FROM LEMON guest writer John Ross . He is one living example of Go big or stay home. In the middle of a huge life-changing event, John did an about-face and decided the best use of his time was to do something to help with the war in Ukraine.

Yes, he is writing about the tragedy of the war. But the biggest news? He and a friend got on a plane and went to Ukraine to volunteer at a refugee camp. Boots on the ground, determined to help, regardless of the risks and all that impacted him at home.

His recent guest writer letter to FROM LEMON, in the link below, gives you details. It also links several other updates on Ukraine that he has posted to Medium. Please be sure to reply to his friend-advice questions…



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