and desperately wanting to save her

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I am so troubled sweet girl,

our three hour coffee

spilling and mixing with your tears.

The stove top is hot,

let me stop you from touching.

See my scorched hands?

Proof of what you can avoid

by listening to my advice.

I thought my pain was enough

for us both to endure.

Not so.

I must let you go

to discover your own path

and how to navigate these

devastations of your heart.

For humans

there is no other way

but self discovery,

in sickness and in health.

So I put tape over my lips.

I give you my ears.

My arms securely hug

your trembling frame.

I visualize my first aid kit,

at home on a shelf.

I will be ready to bathe your

singed finger tips

and apply

comforting bandage

on your weeping wounds.

Notes from me to my kind readers:

Thank you for your time reading about my struggle today with such a dear friend. Her dilemma breaks my heart. I was attempting to post something from my draft work. Nothing did it for me. I was overcome with sadness for her situation since early morning. It was so similar to lessons from my own past. And then…then I read what the amazing Ann Litts wrote. Ann, I cannot thank you enough. Most of us find ourselves in similar positions when wanting to help those we love.

Folks, here is Ann’s very wise article. I know you will enjoy reading it. “So What Do You Think?” by Ann Litts

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Writer grl, side gig creation guru, play-chef. Consultant for client retention, marketing&promo, starting over strategies. Reinvention wizard.

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