Linda Caroll

So I’m in this long, long, list of fans. Awesome Linda. Saying thank you, thank you for writing this. Just what we all need to hear.

I mean we get shuttered in place and what do we do. Wha? Create new, long to do lists. Get bogged down in new ways. After all we are a creative bunch.

I could use a desk AND a wall plaque to keep this focus front and center. OMG. Now I have a new to do list. How about finding a manufacturer and I’ll help you sell them. Long as I get a discount for the ones I want around my place.

Holy Crap. There is no hope for me…


P.S. Back to being serious for a sec. I needed this reminder, your article. Thank you.

Writer grl, side gig creation guru, play-chef. Consultant for client retention, marketing&promo, starting over strategies. Reinvention wizard.

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