Kate Conradie

Thank you for your note and Happy NewYear!

The other piece I will add to the patience part of the advice: in order to find it (love) one just has to jump in with both feet. That’s a tough one I know, because the last one (the relationship that ultimately didn’t work out and hurt a tank load..) can cause one to be very tentative in the next.

Sadly though, the attempt to protect one’s heart by constantly checking to see if the ugly shoe will once again clatter on the asphalt, turns the fear into a reality. The old self fulfilling prophecy.

I support the broken hearts are always mendable camp. That and dispensing sincere hugs of support, both virtually and in real time, when friends and relatives need ‘em.

I watched the movie Loving on Netflix recently. Have you seen it? Powerful is only a mild way to describe it.

I was moved by two main things. First of course, the heart wrenching main theme of the movie, based on the true story about the landmark Supreme Court decision that again contributed to making the world a better place for all people.

Second was the overwhelming, soul stirring way Richard Loving expressed and demonstrated his love for his wife, Mildred.

That is the kind of love we are writing about here, Kate. It usually doesn’t just magically and unannounced show up at one’s door step. But it’s worth the wait. The work. And the effort to allow it to happen.

I am so sorry Kate that this comment has turned into such a long one. You just hit on an angle re: love and relationships that is close to my heart.

One unrelated thing before I sign off. Your Medium profile. All I want to say is that John Grisham started as a lawyer and look at him now. I can imagine nothing better than to write that above sentence about you Kate, someday. Because I wish that for you and…the more women role models and mentors for us to look up to, the better.

Surely out there is a woman lawyer first/famous writer now. Yet which gender came to my mind as my example?

Another Medium friend Linda Caroll. recently noted that Medium top writers are 85% male.( I hope I quoted the number correctly, Linda. If not I’m close.) Linda’s next question (rhetorical) was to ask whether men are just better writers. Of course we know that the answer is 😈a bigly uuge NO.

So to recify this: Lets go write, sistahs. More. More. More.👍😀

Writer grl, side gig creation guru, play-chef. Consultant for client retention, marketing&promo, starting over strategies. Reinvention wizard. vtanme@gmail.com

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