Good morning Elle. When I saw the title of your article, I bookmarked it immediately. Before reading it. Because from you, I knew it would be dead on. Yes indeedy. Thank you for writing this much needed piece.

Re your words about being ok at second place: “Because in a dominance hierarchy, you want to try to hold onto the highest position” . I want to add another “reason” that is often discussed: Women supporting the patriarchy because; their husbands or significant male other, already in some position of power( and let me broadly define ‘power’ here) provide the woman a proxy to his power( money too if applicable)

As in: if I want “in” through his access, well then, I better do everything I can to make certain he stays at the top of the heap. Including the way I cast my vote in elections.

Oh girl. ( see I just wrote “ Oh boy” and corrected myself…sheesh)…Everyday it seems like we have further and further to go.

Did I already forward you the link to Roxane Gay fabulous article in the ny times a few days ago.? Here it is below if I did not. I believe that each and everyone of us needs to start small little manageable initiatives to start to make a bigger dent. To, as Roxanne says, “ Do” and not just “hope”.

The Case Against Hope

Writer grl, side gig creation guru, play-chef. Consultant for client retention, marketing&promo, starting over strategies. Reinvention wizard.

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