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Yes. Guttersnipe. That word makes me happy. No idea why, given the definition, but I say it out loud, and my heart sings a tune. (happy sigh)

In my day job, as an independent consultant, after 20+ years of running a successful business under the umbrella of an external blue chip corporate monolith, I now serve individual clients as their reinvention wizard. Using the magic I acquired in my previous big-time gig; I help others uncover skills, business opportunities, side hustles and more.

Not the usual run of the mill: sell a course, become an affiliate marketer, etc. Oh no, my advice differs from all those wash-rinse-repeat listicles out there. I help people identify opportunities already residing in their existing skill sets.

Clients are frequently amazed at what we uncover. "What?" some have said, "Really? I can make income from that (insert hobby/interest/passion)?"

My time is available in hourly blocks, sometimes only for one hour but other times over multiple sessions.

Whether you want to start a second chapter, add an income-maker on the side or jump into full-time small biz, I am your doorway. Reach me at:

Yes, I have a side hustle heaped with creativity and fun. Ready for it?

Yep, you guessed correctly: writing.

My love affair with short story fiction rules my week.

Then again, a little poetry here and there is a good thing.

I express my interests and concerns about life issues via current news/political essays or short-form compositions.

My passion for cooking and play-chefery led to the creation of The current site is a work in progress. However, it morphed from an earlier version. Someday I will spill the goods about lobstersand's origin and my Saucy Smith alter ego. Let's say the tale involved a former international food magazine. Stay tuned for details.

Never, ever will I forget to mention my fantastic partner in friend-advice-sharing, Amy Marley and our FROM LEMON project:

Here are our FROM LEMON posts on Medium, including ones from some fabulous guest writers:

Love to have a virtual coffee with you and talk about whatever.

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