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Yes. Guttersnipe. That word makes me happy. No idea why, given the definition, but I say it out loud, and my heart sings a tune. (happy sigh)

In my day job, as an independent consultant, after 20+ years of running a successful business under the umbrella of an external blue-chip corporate monolith, I now serve individual clients as their reinvention wizard. Using the magic I acquired in my previous big-time gig, I help others uncover skills, business opportunities, side hustles and more.

I do not do: selling a course, become an affiliate marketer, etc. Oh no, my advice differs from all those wash-rinse-repeat listicles out there. I help people identify opportunities already residing in their existing skill sets.

There are many consultants out there helping big businesses set up alternate sources of revenue. I did just that for way too many years. Today I want to help people next door, the person beside me in spin class, the guy pondering kale or spinach in the grocery store, and the mother building a holiday nest egg. How about the uncle with a hobby he dreams of monetizing, the writer needing more funds, the nine-to-fiver, bored and desiring a new part-time challenge... You get it. People like you and me.

As much as many of us would be on cloud nine if writing provided the bulk of our income, sadly, this is a challenge. Especially lately. Writing PLUS another gig that energizes you, is the perfect combo for cash flow.

Clients are frequently amazed at what we uncover. "What?" some have said, "Really? I can make income from that (insert hobby/interest/passion)?"

Well, the list is long and quite varied depending on the skills and interests of the particular client. Here are a few: a guy started a part-time and then full-time transportation business, another delivers fresh herbs weekly (only in her neighbourhood)because of her gardening passion, someone else makes cool patterned walking sticks, a new writer has an active part-time zine business, a salaried service provider added personal assisting services, a neighbor plans menus for small house parties and gives virtual clean-out-your-fridge cooking classes, the man next door offers a personalized pet care program, a friend down the street started a unique pop-up store and so on.

Thanks to the internet, we can work together no matter where you live.

My time is available in hourly blocks, sometimes only for one hour but other times over multiple sessions.

I am happy to offer a complimentary one-half hour to discuss what you are looking for/how I might help. I have a one-time package priced at $79.00 for two hours of my time. Otherwise, my current rate is $50.00 for each hour.

Whether you want to start a second chapter, add an money-maker on the side or jump into full-time small biz, I am your doorway. Reach me at:

Yes, I have a side hustle heaped with creativity and fun. Ready for it?

Yep, you guessed correctly: writing.

My love affair with short story fiction rules my week.

Then again, a little poetry here and there is a good thing.

I express my interests and concerns about life issues via current news/political essays or short-form compositions.

My passion for cooking and play-chefery led to the creation of The current site is a work in progress. However, it morphed from an earlier version. Someday I will spill the goods about lobstersandwich's origin and my Saucy Smith alter ego. Let's say the tale involved a former international food magazine. Stay tuned for details.

Never, ever will I forget to mention my fantastic partner in friend-advice-sharing, Amy Marley and our FROM LEMON project:

Here are our FROM LEMON posts on Medium, including ones from some fabulous guest writers:

Love to have a virtual coffee with you and talk about whatever.

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