ProsePoem/First Date Story

Unqualified for pack membership

Artist:Anastasiya Klu/licensed from Shutterstock

Was I that animal in a past life? Embodying the she, the fae, a hyphenated version? It makes sense. Thinking about the wolves I have met this time around.

Many wore sheep’s clothing, congregating in the workplace — feasting on delusions. Was I their lamb ready for slaughter? No, silly.


It was a china cabinet not a shop but I still stood to win six million dollars

Artist: Ron and Joe/ Licensed from Shutterstock

His roar sounded only partly human. Perhaps that is why this noise consistently pulsated through the expensive and thick mahogany-paneled walls of his humongous, double cornered office.

It didn’t matter. Our head office anointed this man: King. Selected employees met his every need by stroking his ego, performing meaningless tasks…

Poetry/Seeking Clarity

In search of the hurricane’s eye

Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

Why am I
baffled that
weekends trigger
for no rational reason?
Since up my ass
the horseshoe offering
a reprieve of five days
separate from these two.
That luck refuses
to permeate
my sour mood
when the sixth arrives
in this virus driven
For what?
550 days and
Penitentiary iron bars
rammed in
my ears,
out like a root canal,
my spongy
grey matter,
forcing Niagara…


Sure, when pigs fly and bears don’t sh#% in the woods

Artist:Andrei Mayatnik/Licensed from Shutterstock

Here’s a better subtitle: stop being a snob before it’s too late. Or, for Game of Thrones fans, time to stop pretending you are a Lannister.

This topic has been in my craw for some time.

We ignore and hurt a significant portion of the workforce, the people making our lives easier by staffing the front lines. …


Ingenuity amid tortured souls

artist:Jose AS Reyes/Licensed by Shutterstock

Daddy left the deep freeze to Margie and Beck.

That white behemoth was legendary. Its size rivaled anything stored in neighborhood basements. Hell, it was so long and wide it took up more than half of the substantial party room. Put it this way. A pool table was sacrificed to make room for the chest freezer.

Daddy was a…


One woman’s journey to understand the concept of motherhood.

artist: Birgit Reitz-Hofmann/licensed by shutterstock

Today I mourn the passing of Claire, one of my fake mothers. “Good grief,” I say to myself, “I’m not certain I ever thought of Claire or any of the others under the fake mommy label.”

I know plenty of people affectionately applying that title to their stepmom, mother-in-law, the…


We are thrilled to do a shout-out.

Written by: Suzanne V. Tanner, Paroma Sen, Amy Marley

Artist: Linda Staf/ licensed by shutterstock

Hello, Amazing Winners of our Very First FROM LEMON Challenge:

Why yes. Yes. You heard correctly. Plural. Winners.

Remember the dilemma written by FSUC and the excellent eFriend comments to her troubling situation?

Remember we said our criteria for picking a top response to FSUC would be random, cause hey, we…

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